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Brand: SOL Vapor
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Introducing the SOL Pod Device, a revolutionary new vape-pen that utilizes a pod cartridge tank system. The SOL pod vape features many notable, industry leading features such as battery capacity, tank capacity and e-juice quality.

Vaping has never been easier with the pre-filled pod cartridge tanks. Each pod cartridge tank holds a whopping 2.0mL of quality California crafted e-juice with natural nicotine salts, providing a uniquely satisfying vaping experience. The pod cartridge tanks are available in 4 flavors with 5% nicotine by volume or 50mg nicotine by weight, offering up to 400 puffs per pod. This kit includes 2 pods in your choice of mango, spearmint, tobacco and watermelon flavors with more great flavors to be introduced in the future.

There’s no button required to vape, just inhale and enjoy. Once the powerful, pocket-sized 350mAh battery is depleted, the SOL pod vape connects to the included micro USB charging cable and will be ready to vape again within an hours time or less. If that wasn’t impressive enough, the SOL pod vape also features pass-through function so you can vape while it charges!

– Easy to use and maintain.

– Light-weight, ergonomic design.

– LED to indicate battery levels.

– Battery capacity of 350mAh.

– Button-less activation, just inhale.

– Micro USB charging port.

– Quick charge time of 40-60 min.

– Pass-through function, vape while charging.

– Pod cartridge capacity of 2.0mL.

– Up to 400 puffs per pod cartridge.

– Uses convenient nicotine-salt based, pre-filled disposable pod cartridges.


The SOL Device can only be used with SOL Pods (Sold Separately)