Logic Pro 2ct 10pk

Logic Pro 2ct 10pk

Tobacco 20mg


The Logic Pro is innovation made simple. Designed for convenience, the integrated coil and wick system of the Pro capsules makes vaping effortless. And since each smart capsule is self-contained, you can switch capsules as often as you like. Logic Pro capsules are available in seven flavors and two nicotine strengths, so you’re sure to find the perfect e-liquid capsule for you. Available in: Tobacco: Keep it classic with the original tobacco flavor. (20 mg/ml) Menthol: Keep it fresh with a hint of minty flavor.(20 mg/ml) Cherry: Taste the joy with a hint of cherry. (18 mg/ml) Berry Mint: Keep it authentic with a hint of berry. (18 mg/ml) Toasted Tobacco: A creamy and nutty taste with a woody tobacco flavor. (18 mg/ml) Fresh Menthol: A menthol and peppermint flavor with a eucalyptus taste note. (18 mg/ml) Strawberry: A delicious strawberry flavor. (18 mg/ml)

Additional information

This product is available in the following variations:

Berry Mint
Toased Tobacco
Fresh Menthol
Tobacco 20mg
Toasted Tobacco 20mg
Strawberry 20mg
Menthol 20mg
Fresh Menthol 20mg
Cherry 20mg
Berry Mint 20mg
Strawberry 18mg
Fresh Menthol 18mg
Toasted Tobacco 18mg
Berry Mint 18mg
Cherry 18mg

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